June 9, 2009

Silverfish - David Lapham

Silverfish is the story of a young girl, her family, and psychotic silverfish. Mia is unhappy at home, her mother died a few years ago and her father has remarried a woman she doesn’t like. During a weekend when her parents are away, Mia and her friends start snooping and find out some disturbing information about Suzanne, her step-mom. Murder, stolen money, false identities and silverfish combine to tell this not terribly interesting story. I never figured out exactly what the silverfish were or why they were there, and Mia and her friends were bored teenagers looking for something and they found more trouble than they could handle. Also, the graphic part was all black and white which it turns out I really don’t like, I keep trying but find I just don’t enjoy the stories as much without color.

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