June 1, 2013

June 2013 Reads

The entries are continuing to come in quite regularly and June saw a wide range of topics reviewed though I think by a studied glance we seem to have been on a bit of a superhero kick this month.  The winner's circle is not so lonely anymore.  Congratulations to Jim Black for finishing his goal of the Basic Play with 15 out of 12 books read.  Please continue to add your links for the rest of the year Jim!

Advanced Players:
Nicola - 67/24

Basic Players:
Jim Black - 15/12

Categories Game:
Nicola - 12/12

Here are the standings so far:

Advanced Players:
Rui - 19/24
Joseph R - 13/24
Melissa - 5/24
Black Vulmea - 5/24
Tattoogirl - 2/24
TV - 4/24

Basic Players:
Karissa's Reading Reviews 10/12
John Mutford: 10/12
Jedediah - 10/12
Mervi - 6/12

Categories Game:
Joseph R. - 11/12
Black Vulmea - 4/12
Melissa - 2/12

If you don't see your name/progress listed above it is because you didn't leave a post in the comments telling me where you stood by the end of the month.  Don't forget to do that this month.

Record your reviews for June below: