October 4, 2013

October 2013 Reads

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up!  My computer had a meltdown and my hard drive was toast!  Just got it back with a brand new (empty) hard drive!  I'll get the stats updated later on but wanted to get the linky post up for you right away.

Congratulations to Joseph R. for completing 24/24 books!  We have a new player who joined us this month and has already completed the required books with 26/24.  Welcome Chris and continue to add your links and a reminder to everyone to record your # read in the comments so I can keep your stats up-to-date.

Advanced Players:
Nicola - 131/24
Tattoogirl - 43/24
Chris - 26/24
Joseph R - 24/24

Basic Players:
Jim Black - 20/12
Karissa's Reading Reviews 19/12
John Mutford - 20/12
Mervi - 12/12

Categories Game:
Nicola - 12/12
Joseph R. - 12/12

Here are the rest of the standings so far:

Advanced Players:
Rui - 22/24
Melissa - 6/24
Black Vulmea - 5/24
TV - 4/24

Basic Players:
Jedediah - 11/12

Categories Game:
Black Vulmea - 4/12
Melissa - 2/12

If you don't see your name/progress listed above it is because you didn't leave a post in the comments telling me where you stood by the end of the month.  Don't forget to do that this month.