October 1, 2012

October GIVEAWAY & Reading Linky

Fall is full upon us here where I live.  I've always found fall to be great for reading and this month we have an extra incentive for you keep reading Graphic Novels!

Courtesy of Tom Pomplun at Eureka Productions, the Graphic Classics Publisher has offered our group a PRIZE Pack of 3 Graphic Classic Volumes to 1 lucky winner this month!!  The publisher is generous enough to open the Contest to all our members, making it an International Giveaway.

This will include the BRAND NEW release Halloween Classics: Vol. 23

The recently revised 4th edition Edgar Allan Poe: Vol. 1

The ever popular best-selling Bram Stoker, Vol. 7

How to enter the giveaway.  You must be signed up as a paarticipant of this blog challenge.  Enter a link to your review in the linky below as usual.  Each link you enter will count as 1 entry to the giveaway.  (ie. read and review 1 book this month = 1 entry into the contest; read and review 7 books this month = 7 entries into the contest).  (N.B. My links (Nicola) will be listed below but, obviously, will be excluded from the choosing a random winner process.  These are great books!  I have Halloween in my hands and it looks spectacular, especially "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"!  I reviewed Edgar Allan Poe here, and I have Bram Stoker on ILL at the library.  

As usual, record your October reads below:  Remember each link equals one entry to the giveaway.

Status as of end of September:
 Congratulations to John for completing the challenge last month! Please keep adding your reviews for the rest of the year. Welcome to a late joiner who is already climbing the ranks in October! Tatoogirl.
Twelve and Over:
Nicola: 95 Tom: 30
Karissa's Reading Review: 27
Aaron: 21
Mervi: 19
T Frances: 15
John: 12
Sandy: 12

Larissa: 10
Joseph: 9
Joe: 8
Jim Black: 6
Bex: 6
Reading Challenged: 4
Kat: 4
Tif: 3
Chris@ Nerf Reader: 3
Healiel: 2
GuadiRC: 2
Nancy: 1
The misanthropologist:1
Jean-Paul: 1