September 1, 2012

September Reads

August was a successful month for us, with lots of combined reading. Congratulations to Sandy for completing the challenge this month!
John has quickly moved up the ranks from near the bottom to closing in on the finish line.
Several people are moving steadily up in the ranks and, alas, we seem to have lost a few participants who are sitting at 1,2, or 3 books read & reviewed and not moving.
As always we have a very eclectic mix of genres represented. I love the varied selection this group is representing! But we do seem to have a small Fables & Superheroes theme this month. I'm thrilled to see our first Asterix comic added to the list. Keep up the great reviews people! We are entering our last quarter of this years challenge.

Status as of end of August:

Twelve and Over:
Nicola: 80 (finally got my count corrected!)
Tom: 24
Karissa's Reading Review: 25
Aaron: 20
T Frances: 15
Mervi: 16
Sandy: 12

Larissa: 10
John: 9
Joseph: 7
Bex: 6
Jim Black: 5
Joe: 5
Reading Challenged: 4
Kat: 4
 Tif: 3
 Chris@ Nerf Reader: 3
 Healiel: 2
 GuadiRC: 2
 Nancy: 1
The misanthropologist:1
 Jean-Paul: 1