September 1, 2013

September 2013 Reads

Alas, summer is over, vacations have been had and children, students and teachers are on their way back for another school year.  August was an overall slow month for us here at the GN Challenge with mostly the same devoted crew posting.  Now that we are getting back to regular routines and eventually spending more time indoors reading will become part of the day's relaxation again and hopefully more of you will finish the challenge by year's end.  Still 4 whole months to go!

This month we have three members to add to the completed lists!  Karissa who completed the Basic Challenge and is now going on to finish the Advanced starting the month out with 19/24!  Mervi also completed with 12/12.  Tattoogirl has been going great guns and completed the Advanced Challenge with a vengeance ending the month with 36/24!  I'd like to mention that she has taken on a great project, if you hadn't noticed.  She is reading all the Vol. 1's from DC's first wave of The New 52.  Check out her reviews, I've been having a grand time following her progress and opinions as a fairly new DC reader.

Congratulations Karissa, Mervi & Tattoogirl!

Advanced Players:
Nicola - 124/24
Tattoogirl - 36/24

Basic Players:
Jim Black - 20/12
Karissa's Reading Reviews 19/12
John Mutford - 16/12
Mervi - 12/12

Categories Game:
Nicola - 12/12
Joseph R. - 12/12

Here are the rest of the standings so far:

Advanced Players:
Rui - 22/24
Joseph R - 20/24
Melissa - 6/24
Black Vulmea - 5/24
TV - 4/24

Basic Players:
Jedediah - 11/12

Categories Game:
Black Vulmea - 4/12
Melissa - 2/12

If you don't see your name/progress listed above it is because you didn't leave a post in the comments telling me where you stood by the end of the month.  Don't forget to do that this month.