May 1, 2012

May Reads

First things first with the announcement of our contest winner who was randomly chosen using  Congratulations to Tom who won the 3 book package of Vertigo Graphic Novels described in last months post.

Congratulations also go out to Tom and Karissa for completing the goal of reading 12 graphic novels. They have joined the others in the "and Over" category. I hope you will continue to list any further graphic novels you read so we can compile a great resource list of books read for this year's challenge.
We had another great month of graphic reads in April.  Some popular series are continuing to show up: Fables, The Walking Dead and The Avengers.  We also continue to see a wide range of genres with super-heroes, kids' books, manga and science fiction showing up this month. 

Please post your May Reads here and following that list you will find the current stats and a complete list of books read so far this year is coming soon.

Twelve and Over:
Nicola: 36
Aaron: 20
Tom: 19
Karissa's Reading Review: 15

Larissa: 8
Mervi: 8 T
Frances: 6
Kat: 4
Jim Black: 4
Joseph: 3
Chris@ Nerf Reader: 3
Healiel: 2
Reading Challenged: 2
GuadiRC: 2
The misanthropologist:1
Tif: 1
John: 1
Bex: 1
Jean-Paul: 1

26 participants: 0