May 1, 2013

May 2013 Reads

April started off slow and I began to think it was going to be a quiet month here then all of sudden the reviews came flying in and we had our second largest number of links since the year began!

Everyone is advancing nicely up the ranks and there have been a great variety of genres posted. I'm adding to my tbr list and been prompted to purchase as well!  Keep up the great work!

Advanced Players:
Nicola - 49/24

Here are the standings so far:

Advanced Players:
Rui - 16/24
Joseph R - 10/24
Melissa - 5/24
Black Vulmea - 5/24
Tattoogirl - 2/24
TV - 4/24

Basic Players:
Jedediah - 9/12
John Mutford: 8/12
Mervi - 6/12
Jim Black - 4/12

Categories Game:
Nicola - 11/12
Joseph R. - 8/12
Black Vulmea - 4/12
Melissa - 2/12

If you don't see your name/progress listed above it is because you didn't leave a post in the comments telling me where you stood by the end of the month.  Don't forget to do that this month.

Record your reviews for April below: