November 1, 2013

November 2013 Reads


We are nearing the end of the year! Come January and the 2014 Challenge will begin. At this time I'd like to put out a call for anyone who has any suggestions for game play next year. We will always have the basic read 12 books in 12 months option but many of us die-hards read a lot more than that and some variety is always fun to add to the mix, as well. I have some ideas but if anyone has any has any suggestions for categories, themes, mini-challenges, anything really! for next year please mention it in the comments below or you can email me personally. I'll also be needing someone to volunteer to make our 2014 button.  Just click on my name over on the right-hand side and you'll find me email listed on my own blog.

Two more months to go now! Let's see who else can finish the challenge or perhaps beat your high score from last year! Congratulations to Rui Esteves for completing the Advanced Play with 25/24

Advanced Players:
Nicola - 146/24
Tattoogirl - 45/24
Chris - 31/24
Rui - 25/24
Joseph R - 24/24

Basic Players:
Jim Black - 20/12
Karissa's Reading Reviews 19/12
John Mutford - 21/12
Mervi - 12/12

Categories Game:
Nicola - 12/12
Joseph R. - 12/12

Here are the rest of the standings so far:

Advanced Players:
Melissa - 6/24
Black Vulmea - 5/24
TV - 4/24

Basic Players:
Jedediah - 11/12

Categories Game:
Black Vulmea - 4/12
Melissa - 2/12

If you don't see your name/progress listed above it is because you didn't leave a post in the comments telling me where you stood by the end of the month.  Don't forget to do that this month.

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