December 20, 2012

Graphic Novel Challenge 2013 Sign-Ups

It's almost time for the 2013 challenge to start and so we'll start taking names of participants now.  There will be two ways to play and two levels this year!  Please write a sign-up post on your blog and then sign-up below with a link to your specific sign-up post.  Here is how the Challenge will play this year:

runs from Jan.1 - Dec. 31, 2013

Level 1: read and review 12 books during the year (you could spread them out and read one a month or have a blast and read all 12 in a row!)

Level 2: read and review 24 books during the year (same as above only you would read two a month for the slow rate)

Game Play

Basic: no change from last year. just read any book generally considered a graphic novel, manga, or collection of comics, write a review and link to your post.

Advanced:  For advanced play we are going to play categories.  Players will pick 1 book from each of the 12 categories below.  If you are playing at Level 2 you could double up, choosing two from each category, or use the remainder as free picks.  You only have to read one book from each of the 12 categories.

1. manga
2. superhero
3. classic adaptation (a classic work adapted into the graphic format)
4. memoir
5. fantasy
6. translated from a foreign language
7. a single-issue comic book
8. science-fiction
9. crime or mystery
10. fairytale or mythology (true to the original or fractured, such as Fables series)
11. children's book (specifically written for children)
12. anthology (a collection of short stories by different authors/artists)

Any questions just ask in the comments.


West Virginia Red said...

Are you going to have a button this year?

Nikki in Niagara said...

The post about the button disappeared. Sorry to whoever posted that!

The answer to your question is: I would like a button but I don't have the skills so I've asked above if anyone wants to make one for us to let me know. It would be appreciated! Thanks!

Topcho said...

Oh dear. It totally escaped my attention that reviews should be written in order to qualify for the challenge for 2012. Only now that I read this I realized it. And here I was about to write my wrap up post. Lol, I guess I am silly for not spotting it in the 2012 sgn up post and really should pay more attention! XD I will try to manage the reviews for the days left till the end of the year. In any case I will sign up for 2013!

West Virginia Red said...

I could totally do that for you if you want. Do you have an email addy I could send a mock up to this evening or tomorrow?

Nikki in Niagara said...

Yes please West Virginia Red!! Thank you for the offer of making a button! My email is in the side bar but here it is nicolama at cogeco dot ca . As you can see from the other buttons, I give credit with a link back to the makers of all our buttons.

Are you going to join us in the challenge this year?

Lynn Gardner said...

When you say "single issue comic" do you mean an individual comic book issue like Batgirl #15, etc? (I presume, yes, but I want to make sure before I wander into a comic book shop and leave with a dozen new addictions).

Nikki in Niagara said...

Yes, Lynn, I do mean just one individual issue of a comic book ... Batgirl #15; The Walking Dead #32, etc.

There are special one-off issues too that don't belong to an ongoing series or there are 2-4 issue special series that give you a short but complete story.

But anyway you do it. Just one single comic book fills the requirement :-)

Melissa said...

Hey. I hope it's not too late to join in! I just made a post on my blog joining the challenge. This is my first year participating in any "official" challenges so if you don't mind, let me know what all I need to do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the wide range of categories in Advanced Play and I would love to participate in this challenge. I've decided to give book blogging a go and I've just started out so my blog is a bit bare. After I get the hang of it, I'll be sure to make a post for the challenge. Do you have any graphic novels you've adored and would recommend? :)

Topcho said...

:) I will try again this year to complete it for real!

Alysha DeShaé said...

I'm going for Level 1 Basic, but I might end up in Level 2 if I can get my hands on enough graphic novels!

Also, I designed a simple image for myself that anyone is welcome to use. I actually put a lot of my graphic novels on the floor and then played with the pictures in Photoshop until I ended up with something I liked. :-)

Nikki in Niagara said...

It's never too late to join! We're open all year for sign-ups.

For book ideas visit the links on the right hand side and just browse through the archives, visit links to any titles that sound interesting to you. Collectively, a lot of books have been reviewed on this blog!!

Visit the linkies each month too and you'll be adding to your tbr list like crazy, believe me!

barba said...


I started a blog a few months ago, mostly about reviewing Graphic Novels and other collected editions of comic books.

Can I participate in the 2013 challenge?

Nikki in Niagara said...

Hi Rui! Of course you can! Just post a blog entry stating that you are signing up and then link to that post here in the sign ups.

Then just follow the rules for playing, posting links to your reviews every month in the monthly linky posts here on this blog.

Welcome! I'll add you to the participants once you've signed in above.

barba said...

Thanks, I've done that.

Another question. I've made reviews this year. Can I post them for January?

Nikki in Niagara said...

Rui, As long as you finished the book this year (it will count towards your totals).

You can still post the links if you post the review in Jan. for a book read last year (but it won't count towards your totals). See my comment in the January Reads post.

barba said...

Ok Nicola, Thanks for clearing that up :)

Kari said...

I'm going for level 2 basic. I don't think I'm advanced enough to do advanced! Maybe next year!

Joanna Hennon said...

Hope I can still sign up! :-)

Nikki in Niagara said...

Welcome! It's never too late, Joanna.