November 9, 2009

Stitches by David Small

Stitches: A Memoir by David Small

W.W.Norton and Company, New York, 2009

Stitches is an extraordinary memoir presented in graphic format. David Small, an award winning children's book author and illustrator, has written and drawn a story that covers his life from babyhood to adolescence.

The graphics are pen and ink and ink wash, beautiful, dark and sad. As with most parents, David's Mother and Father thought they were doing their best. Small illustrates the trauma and pain of childhood is a way that moves from reality to dream to nightmare, without being overly dramatic. David Small's story is intense but well told and his notes at the end reflect back on his parent's lives in a very kind and loving way.

This book is turning up on many "Best Books of the Year" lists and the recognition is well deserved.

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