March 29, 2009

Good Neighbors - Holly Black

Kin, book 1 of Good Neighbors is a graphic novel in black and white, which is my biggest strike against it, it seems I like color in my graphic novels. I think color would have been a little distracting in this story, but still I prefer it.

Rue’s life is going through some changes and she’s trying not to be worried. Worry doesn’t do anything but give you wrinkles or stress rashes. What do you do when your mother has mysteriously gone away, your father hasn’t moved from the couch and accused of murder and your seeing strange creatures. Rue has some good friends and they’re trying to help but are not sure if they believe the whole faery thing, but Rue’s not sure she does either.

Rue’s not sure if she’s going crazy or if her father really is guilty or if her mother is a faery but she does know she’s got to figure out something or she’ll worry herself into a tizzy.

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