March 28, 2009

Fables: Legends in Exile - Willingham

Living amongst the Mundanes of New York City are the fables of Fabletown. Those fables that escaped the Adversary banded together and put aside old grudges to live in a safe place and hope that some day they can return to the old country. Various familiar fables are there - Big Bad Wolf, who is now a detective, Snow White (without Prince Charming) second in command, as well as Jack (the Beanstalk) Bluebeard, Rose Red and others. When it looks like one of them has been brutally murdered, Wolf needs to solve the case and make sure it’s not the Adversary who left the message - “No more happily ever after”.

It was a fun look at the old fables and how they have adapted to living amongst the mundanes. Some have had to use witchcraft to create glamours so they look human, and those that can’t, Three Little Pigs, the Ogres, live Upstate on the Farm. Each character has kept the essential part of themselves but have also adapted to this new life (Beauty of Beauty & the Beast) works in a bookstore, Rose Red parties, Jack is a schemer and Cinderella is taking fencing lessons from Bluebeard.

I think I might have enjoyed the old fables more if I could have read them this way, but then you need to be a little familiar with them to enjoy the interactions and the changes. The good part is that this was the first and there are many more graphic novels in the series, the bad part is that there are many more in the series.

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