March 10, 2009

Beth's Wrap Up Post

Yesterday I officially finished this challenge! I committed to the Major level, which was 12 books. I am so glad Laza and Alea talked me into joining this challenge. I have been introduced to a whole new world of books. I am totally amazed at the scope of genres and artistic styles available in GN books.

I will be keeping up with the reviews posted here. This blog is shaping up to be an awesome resource for graphic novels. And I am now definitely a GN fan.

To see my complete wrap-up post, including the list of books I read, click here.


John Mutford said...

Congrats on finishing! I finished yesterday too, but I wasn't as ambitious as you (I did the minor, 6 books).

Alea said...

I'm glad you will still stop by! And I'm also SO GLAD you enjoyed the challenge!