September 21, 2009


WATCHMEN is the graphic novel that completely changed the comic book industry forever. The book is a deconstruction of comics that forces a person to challenge the way they view life and the events that happen in the news. It’s also a great story. However, as good as it is, WATCHMEN isn’t a great piece of literature (though it comes close); there’s just too many comic conventions involved in both the art and story. Therefore, though WATCHMEN isn’t a great piece of literature, it is a great comic. Whatever the case, if you’re a fan of comics at all or have any interest in the history of pop culture, this is one graphic novel that you should definitely read.

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Peter Rozovsky said...

I think highly of Watchmen, too, but I'm wary of all these claims that it's great literature and of the hulaballoo when Time magazine named it one of the century's best novels (or was it best novels since 1924?). According to an online quiz game that I played, an A&E list ranked Princess Diana as one of the hundred most important people of the past thousand years. That says all that needs saying about lists.

Why, as wiser heads than I have said, should crime-fiction fans (and comics readers) feel so insecure that they crave the "literature" label?
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