June 5, 2009

Singularity and Welcome to Hoxford by Ben Templesmith

In my pursuit of all things Templesmith I came across two other graphic novels of his with completely different types of stories. While I still love Templesmith’s style of art, the stories in these were a bit more on the icky side than the funny side.

Singularity tells a story of a mysterious asteroid and the nanites that fall to Earth and begin to take control. The nanites infested one man who then began to remake the world in a belief he is improving it for the others. There are a few underground cities left trying to survive against the nanites but it’s not looking good and a last ditch effort to destroy the original one is begun. What happens and what they learn gives an eerie almost funny twisted ending.

Welcome to Hoxford is a horror story. We follow Raymond, not exactly a stable guy, he makes serial killers look pleasant, and a few other folks as they are banished to Hoxford, a special prison. Slowly we learn why this is a special prison and how Raymond finally finds his own place. Lots of gore, characters you don’t want to ever be real, it’s hard to say I liked this graphic novel but it was certainly a different look at Templesmith’s storytelling and artistic skills.

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