February 17, 2009

Rogue Angel - Barbara Randall-Kessl

A “Lara Croft tomb raider” type story, Rogue Angel is the story of Annja Creed, an archeaologist, who also has some a connection to a mystical sword of Joan of Arc, that appears when she needs it and disappears when she doesn’t. In this first volume, Annja goes to Virginia City to help a friend looking for a missing manuscript that might show that Mark Twain did not come up with the Huck Finn story all by himself. Others are just as interested that the manuscript does not come to light.

First in the series, the story did not have any depth to it, really a brief introduction leaving many questions unanswered. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the story, but the strong female character was intriguing so I will try another, though the series appears to be written by different people, so I’m not sure about the consistency of the series.

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Dame Orchid said...

I have read all of the Rogue Angel books. If you didn’t like the first one, you should try reading Gabriel's Horn, so far it's the best one in the series.