December 23, 2008

Ali's List

Hi everyone! I'm cross posting this list at Worducopia. Glad to be joining you here! I'm so glad Laza is continuing this challenge that Dewey started. Thanks, Laza!

I'm doing the Minor level, though I reserve the right to move up later. ;-) I'm also combining this with my Diversity Rocks! challenge. If any of you want to combine the two as well, all it requires is to include one book by an author/artist of color. And I even have quite a few suggestions at the challenge site:

For the record, I just learned how to make an image into a link, right this very minute. :::Patting myself on the back:::: So, click on it, because you can! (Just kidding. But Laza suggested I could plug the other challenge here, so there it is).

OK, so here's my list:

1. Incognegro, by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece (Counts for Diversity Rocks because the author is African American)
2. Janes in Love, by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg (because I loved The Plain Janes )
3. Embroideries (because I really liked Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis; this also counts for Diversity Rocks because she's Iranian)
4. Emiko Superstar by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Rolston. (Tamaki's Skim was well-loved by many and I thought it was just okay, so I'm compelled to try another by her to see if I like it better. And it also counts for Diversity Rocks, because she's Asian Canadian)
5. Maus, by Art Spiegelman (because it's waiting for me at the library...or at least, it was, until the library closed for 3 days due to snow and my hold expired! So it may be a while, I guess!)
6. Aya by Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie (because I needed one more. I found this on Boston Bibliophile--Marie is a great source for unique graphic novels!--and it also fits for Diversity Rocks because the authors are from the Ivory Coast).

I'm looking forward to sharing graphic novel info with you all!



Alea said...

Oooh I'm going to read Janes in Love too. I was actually thinking about your challenge this morning and I think for sure one of my graphic novels would fit!

jessi said...

The only one I've read is Maus, and it was great! I'm seriously considering joining you in the Diversity challenge, even though I'm already in 10+ challenges for next year. Yipes!

Beth F said...

Oh boy!! New books to check out. I still have 6 empty slots!

Ali said...

Alea, which one of yours will work? I'll add it to the Graphic Novels post on the challenge site. :-)

Jessi, That's a lot of challenges! I think I'll end up doing 4-6 and I'm overwhelmed with that many! Still: Do it do it do it! :-)

Beth, glad I could help you fill out the list, maybe!

Alea said...

The one I'm thinking of is 32 Stories by Adrian Tomine, so really any of his would work. There could be more!

Ali said...

Aha, thank you! I'll definitely add him to my post over soon as it's not Christmas, LOL.

Olga said...

Both Maus and Aya are awesome graphic novels. I had no idea that Aya has a sequel, until I started researching my choices for the challenge. I've put the next one in the series as one of my choices. Hopefully it's as good as the first. :)